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Using Ignitia as our curriculum platform, we offer the following:


A Virtual Learning academic platform for students grades 3 thru 12.  High schoolers are able to earn transferrable credits and are eligible for a diploma upon completion of requirements.


Textbook curricula are available for all grades; however, it is standard for the foundation of our early learners Pre-K thru 2nd grade.  Some courses include hands-on materials and manipulatives to supplement learning objectives such as Science and Math.  These grassroot learners will also experience penmanship and phonics as building blocks for academic success. 


Our Academic School Year runs September, after Labor Day, until May 31st.  Summer school is available, but we take these months to incorporate more educational/recreational opportunities.  However, rolling enrollment allows independent or dual enrollment students to enroll year-round with flexible start dates.  Learners have up to 10 months to complete a 2-semester course or program.  Semester courses are 5 months. 


We offer an independent self-paced accredited curriculum that is parent/facilitator guided or a dual enrollment option which is fully accredited, teacher guided, and diploma granting.  Both options include grading, reporting, record keeping, and transcripts.

Full Time, Part Time, Credit Recovery, and Dual Enrollment options are available.

Tutoring, field trips, and extracurricular activities may incur additional fees but are open to students registered in our extra-curricular program. Uniforms are required for most extracurricular activities.

Contact us to individualize a plan that suits your learner's needs.  

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