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Career and Technical Education and Entrepreneurship

Interested in the Retail Industry?  Contact us for student training opportunities.

Students, middle grades through high school, have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning through our boutique retail store. In the past, students set up three store fronts before pivoting to focus on e-commerce in light of Covid-19.  In physical locations, they gained experience in set and design, purchase ordering and buying, staging, pricing, marketing, customer service, sales, use of point of sales systems, photography, managing, modeling, custom gift services, and entrepreneurial skills. They transformed spaces from bare walls to beautiful layouts in keeping with ADA standards for a user friendly shopping experience.  

We are currently seeking to recruit ecompreneurs to build portfolios in social media marketing. 


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Past and Present Projects

Ebenezer Stone Gifts & Boutique 


This was our first location in Macon, Ga located in a premier outdoor mall.  High school and college students were able to complete credits and internships through student-employee opportunities.  

Change Gifts & Boutique (2018-2019/20)

Changes Boutique & Gifts (Present)

The name Changes represents the pivots we've had to make to maintain an existence through economic shifts, bumps, and bruises.  Covid-19 brought an awareness that basically every business would have to maintain some form of an e-commerce or social media presence to exist.  During this shift, we focused on planning, branding, labeling, and marketing to better position ourselves for flexibility in the marketplace.  

Applications are being accepted for interns and more student training opportunities.


 Ebenezer Stone Gifts & Boutique

Custom Gift Wrapping

Ebenezer Stone

Sweet Treats Display

Ebenezer Stone

Little Feet Display

 Ebenezer Stone Too

Ebenezer Stone Too

Don't Peek

Change Gifts & Boutique and a Few Student Employees 

Change Gifts & Boutique


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