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Welcome to PreK3-2nd grade

The home and world are your child's first classroom.  In this concrete learning stage, anything they touch, see, hear, smell, feel, or taste is a learning experience.  In addition to those everyday teachable moments, your child will experience the foundations of education with our interactive and comprehensive curriculum.    






Sterling Christian Academy offers a comprehensive educational experience tailored to meet each student's needs. Our prekindergarten and foundation programs provide a solid educational foundation for students, while our home school options offer flexibility and personalization. You can trust our experienced team of educators to guide your child toward academic excellence.



 Find these opportunities for your little ones every day at home or play.


ART - Inside every child is a pencil or paintbrush ready to make its mark on the world.  Art encourages creativity and is a platform for self-expression.

Scientific Exploration - Children are born to discover. Science helps them to make sense of the world we live in.

Building Friendships - Childhood memories are the most impressive.  Social activities and field trips help to encourage and strengthen relationships among peers.  

The Sound of  Music  - Opportunities for music help to improve spatial skills, which aids in learning subjects such as math and science...

Fine Arts - Whether singing or dancing, Fine Arts encourages the discovery of gifts and talents that help build self-confidence.

Curriculum Details

OUR Christ centered curriculum includes two student workbooks, two teacher's guides, a resource packet, a sing along music CD, and a multimedia set which lays a solid foundation for your preschooler's academic success. 



Give your preschooler a love for God and the world around him with our Complete Curriculum  Set. Based upon the Bible, this complete preschool curriculum contains 180 engaging lessons that help your child discover and learn social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science from the viewpoint of the Creator. Arts and crafts, music, story times, outdoor excursions, and other exciting learning activities enhance each lesson's objectives and theme. Concepts are reinforced through games, songs, poems, and drama to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten in a Christian environment. Plus, comprehensive teacher's guides adapt to your homeschool schedule with flexible lesson plans that make teaching your child fun.

ADDITIONALLY, our multi-media set contains captivating stories on DVDs and unforgettable Christian songs on CDs that coordinate with lesson themes presented in the Preschool Curriculum Set. The set can also be used as a stand-alone resource. 



The multimedia set includes an extensive list of music CDs and DVDs that perfectly integrate into each day's learning activities, providing everything you need for your preschooler's early childhood education. Start your child on a lifelong love of learning!

Accredited Textbook Curriculum

PreK-2nd Grade

Annual Curriculum - $1425 

Payment Plan - $425 Down for Curriculum and Materials, then $100 per month for 10 months

(Includes coach guides, record keeping, support, and progress monitoring)


Ready, Get Set, Grow...

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