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Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
At home or away, incorporate these activities in your day!

Hands-on Learning - Hands on opportunities makes learning relative and more exciting. 

ART - Inside of every child is a pencil or paintbrush ready to make it's mark on the world.  Art encourages that creativity and platform for self expression.

Scientific Exploration - Children are born to discover. Science helps them to make sense out of the world we live in.

Building Friendships - Childhood memories are the most impressive.  Social activities and field trips help to encourage and strengthen relationships amongst peers.  

The Sound of  Music  - Opportunities for music helps to improve spatial skills which aids in learning subjects such math and science...

Fine Arts - Whether it is singing or dancing, Fine Arts encourages discovery of gifts and talents that help to build self confidence.

Accredited Textbook Curriculum
Independent or Teacher-Led option  
K-3rd Grade

Early Elementary K-3


This Textbook Curriculum includes activities that covers all the core subjects with emphasizes on language arts, phonics, handwriting, and math.  Art, health, and physical education are incorporated for a well-balanced cognitive diet. 

Annual Curriculum - $525  (Includes record keeping, support, and progress monitoring)

Teacher Led (optional) - $265 Per Month (8 virtual sessions per month)

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